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Za shodnou cenu 149.000 Kč před námi stojí dva stroje, které nabízí mnoho podobných řešení, a přesto každý z nich je jiný - Yamaha Xmax 300 ve verzi Iron Max a Honda Forza 300 se Smart Top Boxem. Přijde mi, že v segmentu skútrů bylo už vše podstatné vymyšleno, a často rozhoduje kromě ceny spíše vzhled, prvky výbavy a nejrůznější chytré maličkosti Yamaha XMAX is coming out with an 2019 XMAX Special Edition version (maybe theyre feeling sales competition from Hondas 2018 Forza 300)? The 2019 XMAX 300 Special Edition version is officially named XMAX IRON MAX.. wait until you see the list of added features that make up the 2019 XMAX IRO.. forza 300 vs X-MAX 300 :: Motorkářské fórum. Motorkáři.cz. Honda Forza 300, Yamaha X-max 300 Zobrazit jen poděkování (10) 9.5.2019 v 12:37. Zdravím, rád bych koupil nový skútr a proto poprosil o radu při výběru z těchto dvou. Yamaha X-MAX 300. 45%. 1 Yamaha claims about 70 mpg for the XMAX 300, which sounds believable and is similar to what Honda claimed for their 278cc Forza 300. Design and Amenities The 2018 XMAX is a brand new generation and features sporty dual headlights similar to the latest TMAX

The X-Max has the best weight to power but broke down a few times (bought new) over stupid electrical issues. Expensive to work on. No emergency brake!!! Added top case and windshield lip. Electronics issue Stupid 2018 YAMAHA XMAX 300 Milage: 10,000 - 20,000 miles Likes: Style, tire grip, comfort Dislikes: Seat height, information in re fluid Compared to the GTS 250, the 300 trades top speed for acceleration. GTS 250 16.2kW / 20.2Nm GTS 300 15.8kW / 22.3Nm Forza 300 18.5kW / 27.2Nm Xmax 300 20.2kW / 29Nm And yeah the Piaggio BV 350 is a big one missing from your list A confronto i re del mercato degli scooter classe 300 cc: Honda SH300i, Piaggio Beverly 300 Police e Yamaha X-Max300 si sfidano in una sorta di Giochi Senza.

Yamaha X-Max 300. Zobrazuji nabídky: 1 - 10 z 25. Stav: X-Max 300 - REZERVACE. Vložit do schránky. 2020 provoz 2020: DENAR s.r.o. autorizovaný dealer HONDA Mladá Boleslav: 124.900 Kč: Yamaha X-Max 300 vyhřívané rukojeti. Vložit do schránky. 2017: MOT ART s.r.o. Praha: 100.000 Kč. honda forza, PCX, Aprilia SR Max, Suzuki Burgman, honda SH, Silver Wing, Yamaha X-max, Peugeot satelis, Piaggio MP3, Vespa, BMW C650, nebo jiný, děkuji za nabídky zusta1@seznam.cz Nabídněte Ostrav

Přečtěte si více informací o modelu Honda Forza 300, skvělém skútru GT. Oblíbený skútr je čím dál tím lepší. Je nejen lehčí a kompaktnější, ale také dostal nový, ostřejší a soustředěnější vzhled. Forza je první skútr se systémem volitelné kontroly točivého momentu Honda (HSTC) a díky převodovce V-Matic se vyznačuje plynulým zrychlováním Yamaha XMAX 300 Honda Forza (the new one) The T-max 500 is another story as much more powerful but twice the price of the 300 and less storage space due to the engine location. I think the 300 is the one to go for but waiting for someone else to give reasons otherwise 3rd gen Honda Forza vs Yamaha X-Max. Hmmm. Although I'm a Honda guy, the Yamaha is just too compelling to ignore. Compared to the discontinued Forza, the X-Max is newer, has a little more tech, is lighter (397 lbs X-Max, 428 lbs on the Forza). More horsepower (27.6 vs 24.5). Faster (105mph vs 95mph). Better economy (70mpg vs 68mpg) Power and torque. Entertainingly, during the press presentation Honda gave us the Forza 300's V-max figure, or 'top speed' if you prefer; 129 km/h (80mph) is the manufacturer's claim although on one stretch of motorway heading from Monte Carlo to Nice a fellow journalist with a GPS app clocked 88.5mph Nice. Looks like a Forza killer to me: Wheels: 15 F/14 R vs. 14/13 Weight: 397 vs. 422 Gas tank/mpg: 3.4g @ 75mpg vs. 3g @ 65mps Forza has a lower seat height 28.2 in vs. 31.3 Both claim storage for 2 helmets If the XMAX 400 that is available in Europe came here, it could be a Burgman killer, too

Advice Honda Forza 2018 or Yamaha XMax 400 T max Advice Honda Forza 2018 or Yamaha XMax 400 T max. I have been pondering a few days and I think I will go for the Forza because: 1 - Honda vs Yamaha. I hear Honda has the edge. I had a PCX for 18 months, 36.5k km not a single problem. I have a X-Max 300 and love it, plenty of power. Yamaha's design means there as a hefty centre chassis spar running down the spine of the XMAX 300, so you definitely have to swing a leg over rather than through it to settle into the saddle. The seat height means some riders might also find placing a foot flat on the ground a little tricky, which is not what you want on a scooter that weighs. Honda Forza 350 vs 22Kymco X-Town 300i. Should you buy Honda Forza 350 or 22Kymco X-Town 300i Find out which scooter is best for you - compare the two models on the basis of their price, mileage, features, colours and other specs. Honda Forza 350 price in Delhi is Rs 3 Lakh (ex-showroom price) whereas the 22Kymco X-Town 300i price in Delhi is. The Honda Forza—a 300 that disappeared after 2016—had the same MSRP, though fewer electronic features and not the same power. Without a doubt, the XMax has an excellent price/performance ratio. Yamaha X-Max 2018 for rent in Phuket. Yamaha XMax is the star of the 2018. This maxi scooter has plenty of acceleration around Phuket, yet revs up to 9000 rpm and can top 90 mph on the freeway.-Traction control and always-on ABS is a standard. Both work very transparently, and will be especially helpful to less skilled riders

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Honda Forza 250 vs Yamaha XMax - Which bike should you buy? At Oto.com compare Forza 250 vs XMax on 100 parameters to find out which bike suits you. Make an informed choice after head-on comparison including price, user reviews, detailed specs, features, color(s), performance, reviews and safety features The X-MAX 300 replaces the older X-MAX 250 in Yamaha's maxi-scooter range and sits alongside the X-MAX 125 and X-MAX 400, although it has a bit more to offer in terms of specification than. Suzuki Burgman 200 vs. Yamaha X-Max Suzuki Burgman 200 vs. Yamaha X-Max. It seems to be priced at around 168,000. It does have 8 horsepower more than the Burgman, but so does the Honda Forza (I despise the design, and find it to be one of the ugliest bikes ever made) and the Forza drives like a large boat, without the nimble ride of the. The TMAX was the first high performance maxi scooter to use motorcycle style front forks, and the new X-MAX 300 adopts the same layout. The all-new frame is equipped with a double clamp telescopic fork and twin rear shocks to ensure sporty motorcycle-like handling, together with improved surface feedback and good high-speed stability

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Pour résister aux assauts du Honda Forza 125, le Yamaha XMAX a fait une belle cure de jouvence à la fin 2017. Essai du Honda Forza 125 2019. Essai du Yamaha X-MAX 300 2018 Essai Mercedes. The highly-popular Yamaha X-Max 300 maxi-scooter, a Honda Forza 300 rival, has received a new variant called the Roma Edition. The Yamaha X-Max 300 Roma Edition is available in Italy and its sales. Case in point, the 22Kymco X-Town 300i and Honda Forza 300. While the former has already been showcased in India, rumours suggest that the latter is expected to be launched in the country by the.

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The XMAX 300 features motorcycle-type forks, a large 15-inch front wheel and 14-inch rear, alongside a compact chassis, providing this Max family scooter with agile handling, while retaining a. 1000PS Test - Yamaha X-MAX 300 2017 - Yamahas neuer Alleskönner? Dauer: 07:41 | 132.628 Views 1000PS Test - Honda X-ADV vs. Yamaha TMAX SX - Kampf der Roller-Titane The Forza now has a higher top speed without sacrificing its reputation for fuel efficiency - you can go as far as 350km on a full tank. Feel the Forza. Now, for the first time on a Honda scooter, the Forza has Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC). This feature progressively monitors engine torque to control rear-wheel slip This is why Yamaha has invited us to the Italian city of Florence to try out the new-for-2017 XMAX 300. The XMAX 300 replaces the XMAX 250 in Yamaha's range, and although the outgoing version is a relatively rare sight on British roads, the Florentine streets are positively awash with scoots of that ilk. What's more, the great majority of models sold are from quality brands like Honda. Compare Honda Forza vs Kawasaki J300 ABS at Zigwheels. Detailed Motorcycle Comparison by Price, Engine Power, Design, Specs, Features and more. Search. Yamaha XMax 250. RM 21,225 . Forza vs XMax 250 . Honda Forza. RM 30,999 . VS. Honda PCX. Forza vs PCX.

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2018 Yamaha XMax 300 (LAMS) Specifications. Yamaha-motor.com.au. Price: $6999 RRP + ORC Claimed power: 20.2kW (27.6hp)@7250rpm Claimed torque: 29Nm (21.4ft-lbs)@5750rpm Kerb weight: 179kg Fuel capacity: 13L Colours: Quasar Bronze, Lunar Grey. Engine: Liquid-cooled, four-stroke, single-cylinder, DOHC, four-valve, 292cc, 70 x 75.9mm bore x stroke. Sporty and dynamic MAX series DNA When you take a look at the XMAX 300 don't be surprised if it looks familiar - it's been designed using pure TMAX DNA! With its dual LED headlights and aerodynamic cowl through to the boomerang side panels, the XMAX 300's sporty and dynamic looks and premium finish can trace their origin back to Yamaha's iconic. BRAND NEW Un-Registered Yamaha X-MAX 300, Grey, 2020 Model , 2 years manufacturers warranty. 1 year RAC Breakdown cover. Equipped with motorcycle style forks..

The X-MAX really excels here actually - the weight reduction, extra grunt, revised frame and new tyres all make for a fine-handling little scoot. I'm all over the Yamaha rider on the 35kg heavier 400 as we blast up a twisty mountain road - his scooter tying itself in knots where the little 300 just flows through the bends The New Model Yamaha X-Max 300 2020 is a scooter awaited in United States with more sporty features than the model already marketed outside the country, but the date for this release has not yet been disclosed. Then you can check what is already expected for the New Model Yamaha X-Max 300 2020 and know more about this model

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Honda CB300R vs Rivals: Specifications Comparison The Honda CB300R is the newest entrant in a rather exciting segment which also has the KTM 390 Duke and the BMW G 310 R. We look at how the new kid on the block fares against the old guard The Honda Forza 300 is an A2 licence friendly premium maxi scooter and is powered by a liquid cooled 279 cc single cylinder engine, producing 24.8 bhp at 7,000 rpm and maximum torque at 5,750 rpm. It's the same engine found in the SH300i. Features include: Steel tubular frame with Aluminium swingarm; Automatic CVT gearbox with belt final driv

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